Mute - live less on your phone

Time off your phone feels good

Mute motivates you to use your phone less, cut time on social media and be more present.

Mute Goals

Digital detox goals

Screen time

How much do you think you use your phone every day? 1 hour? 3 hours? Mute will help you to be mindful of your daily phone usage.

Pickups and Detoxing

Monitor how often you check your phone and challenge yourself to see how long you can go without checking!

Morning and night-time checking

What's the first thing you do in the morning and last thing at night? Checking your phone perhaps? Mute will help you break habitual phone use.

Mute Motivational Messaging

Motivational Messages

Mute's messaging system has been designed to make you feel good when you don't use your phone and not bad on days when you use it a lot.

Dopamine hit

When someone likes or comments on your social media you get a dopamine hit that makes your feel good. Mute uses a similar technique to make you feel good when you're not on your phone!

Contextual encouragement

'You're smashing it today, only 40M screen time 💪 - now you're home 🏠 try leaving your phone out of arms reach?'

Mute Progress Stats

Progress Stats

Daily and weekly stats - see how much time you reclaim from your phone each week with a little Mute motivation!

Historic Stats

Mute lets you to scroll back through weeks, months and years of stats even when you're offline.

Home, Work or School

Mute automatically tracks when you use your phone at home, work, school or on the move so it can help you to break habitual use.

Download Mute

Mute is a free app for iPhone available to download from the Apple App Store

Mute 2!

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